Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Alhamdullilah everything is settled :) even though we're not close like before,you're always in my mind Ezwan Kamal..I know you still love me and I still love you but unfortunately I was right on you are not as strong as like before..I'm sorry if I ever make you hurt or offended..You have hurt me,you make me sad,you make me suffer...but I've forgiven you for what you have done :) andddd I'm still waiting for yo once you tell me that you want to sing a song for me while playing the guitar,right? (need you now by Lady Antebullum) I'm waiting Ezwan Kamal ;) one more thing,I just want to tell you that I really miss the old crew..we go out together,happy together,sad together,eat together,all together..we can still be like before again right? I miss our collective memories :'( If you continue your studies,we can't be together as we used to be like last time..I will miss and missing you Muhamad Ezwan Bin Kamal :( take care of yourself and don't be naughty! :* XOXO (WQS 2651) <3

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